at the wiggles concert

Jax and me, at the Wiggles concert, summer 2011

I still write letters to Jax in a notebook I keep for him. Actually, I’m about to finish the second notebook of letters. And by “about to,” I really mean in another few months, since it seems I rarely have the time to keep up with the tradition I began when he was 5 weeks old. Lately, I find myself writing once every 4-8 weeks, and there was even a dry spell of about 6 months in the past year.

But nothing is more fun to me than reading some of the things I wrote about Jax over the past 3 years. Like this entry:


Wednesday, July 13, 2011:

Dear Jax,

I bought you your first babydoll last weekend. It’s kind of an ugly thing, but we were at Kohl’s and it was the only babydoll in the whole store. Today, you cradled your babydoll (oh, it’s a girl, by the way) and took her to get dressed with you. And then she accompanied us on the drive to daycare. But we had to keep her in the car to go “night-night” while you went inside to play with your friends. So cute. I’m excited to see your face when I pick you up today & you see babydoll in your carseat.

Last weekend, in addition to purchasing babydoll, we strolled around [town]‘s “Second Saturday” art thing. And at the end of the night, we (me & daddy) took you out for ice cream. You ate more ice cream than EVER before–peanut butter swirl. Mmm!

This week, we’re just laying low–it’s been 90 degrees or higher, so we aren’t leaving the house unless we have to. We might go visit Uncle Danny & Aunt Jackie tomorrow night. Randy will be over for our usual takeout meal on Friday night. But Saturday we have BIG plans –> The Wiggles! I scored us tickets to see their live concert. I have been so excited! But then I heard that Yo Gabba Gabba is coming this fall, and I want to take you to see that if this show is fun.

Well, I’d better stop writing and go back to work (I’m on my lunchbreak).

Love you tons,

Uhh, that part about being excited to see a Wiggles concert? Mega-embarrassing, but whatever. Go ahead & mock.

Jax still occasionally snuggles his babydoll, but most of her nights are spent crammed into a toybox, the poor thing. And I don’t think he’s ever developed a love for ice cream like his momma has! These days, at most he’ll eat 3 or 4 bites and call it quits, whereas I could devour an entire pint–at least–in one sitting.

It’s eye opening to read the things I wrote a year ago and realize how quickly time is passing.


This letter was written at 8:40 pm on December 31, 2010 as my little family prepared to welcome 2011.

Dear Jax,

Only 3 hours 20 minutes until 2011. Guess who’s excited to kiss 2010 goodbye? ME! Tonight, we were going to Matt & Jess’s party (same as last year). But Daddy & I are still sick and it was too hard to get ready and out the door by 7:30 only to rush back to put you to bed at a decent hour. We kinda figured what’s the point?! So now we’re staying in all together. I’m not sure we’ll make it past 10pm, but that’s ok.

We just opened the champagne and toasted. Daddy & I are trying to predict what big event lies in store for our family in 2011. In 2006, we got engaged. In 2007, we got married. In 2008, we bought a house (our 1st). In 2009, we had you. In 2010, Daddy got a new job (finally).

I predict 2011 is a quiet, peaceful year, with no huge surprises or happenings. Nice & calm. (Maybe a bit boring.) Daddy said maybe in 2011 we’ll get pregnant with a sibling for you. He’s crazy! I’m not ready for you to not be my one & only baby yet!

So let’s talk resolutions! Mine are to pay down (& hopefully off) my biggest credit card balance; to eat healthier & get in better shape (so I am around for you for a VERY long time); to stress less/relax more; and to just plain old DO BETTER. I’m not sure your dad has any resolutions. Let me ask… He said he wants to draw a new comic in January.

I have to write about Christmas Eve and Day, and also about our adventure building a snowman earlier this week. But I don’t feel like it right now. Gonna go drink my bubbly & clean up the kitchen–which you have just destroyed! Ugh. I clean up like 19 times a day.

Love you,



A year ago today, I wrote this letter in my notebook for my son, who was 14 months old then–and finally throwing me a bone as far as sleeping well:

Dear cutie pants,

Have I written in here yet about my blog? It’s called James & Jax and it was born on September 23, 2010. So far, I have over 500 views. I am enjoying blogging so much! I’ve written about breastfeeding, temper tantrums (you had one yesterday at the park when I tried to take you out of the bucket swing), story time at Barnes & Noble (we did that a few weeks ago with S), and all kinds of other Jax-related topics. Plus a few that are more “James”-related. Thats me–some of my past & present friends call me that as a nickname.

What a boring, gray & rainy day today is. It’s lunchtime & I should be nursing & playing with you at [daycare], but you’re transitioning to one nap per day now; this seems to be happening during our time together. That stinks, because I love our lunchtime. It’s an awesome hour together. I hope your nap moves to 12:45 or so. I miss you tons today! I just want to snuggle you up when I see you later.

Let’s talk about what new & cool things you’ve been doing. You know what a fishy says–you do the funny pucker face and move your lips just like a fish! You can do a snake sound, too. And there’s your favorite–panting like a dog. You know many body parts & point/touch them when I ask where they are–chin (that’s a hard one, too!), eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, ears, hair, feet or piggies, hands… So smart! We take nearly daily walks outside, during which you collect rocks & leaves (you shred the leaves). And apparently you just ADORE the swings now. Your favorite toys are definitely Tupperware and Rooney’s leash. Yes, you have real toys, too. You just don’t find them to be as interesting, I guess!

Well, gotta get back to work. I miss my kiddo!


p.s. The other night, you slept 6 hours in your crib! Way to go, bud!

I’m at the beach, enjoying the last bits of summer with my family. But don’t fret! I’ve asked one of my favorite bloggy friends, Story, to spend some time on the blog today.

Story is a teacher-turned-SAHM to an almost 1-year-old little girl. I’ve come to know Story well in the blogosphere and can relate to her on many levels, including (unfortunately) our struggles with sleep.

Without further ado, here’s Story’s letter to Sleep, which I could have written myself it is so true!

Dear Sleep,

We used to be such good friends.  I might even say I loved you, and you were always always there for me.

But for the past year, we haven’t been getting along so well.  Mostly, it’s how you’ve been treating my daughter.  Why can’t the two of you get along?  You have all these rules about when and where and how.  Who could keep up?  Especially not my precious Baby Girl.

And don’t even tell me it’s her fault because you know I’m going to take her side.

So, that’s why we haven’t seen each other much for the past 11 months.  I would have loved to hang out with both of you, but push come to shove, I have to pick her.

Okay, and if I’m being perfectly honest here, there have been days I have picked Twitter over you.  Okay, and sometimes even Conan.

But I’m ready to make amends.  I’ve explained your demands to Baby Girl, and she may be starting to get it.  And if you promise to be nice to us, I’ll promise to make our friendship a priority again.  I’ll even cut back on the caffeine if you want me to. So, I mean, wow.  You know I’m serious.

So please, dear Sleep, come back and visit us.  Stay for as long as you want.  You are always, always welcome here.

Love always,


Do you have a love/hate relationships with sleep, too? Leave us a comment! You can also find Story at Sometimes It’s Hard and on Twitter as @story3girl.


Summer’s almost over. I say that with mixed feelings. I love the fall. I don’t even mind the winter: I like snow (even more so now that I have a kid to play with in it), and I like wearing sweaters. But I loathe the shorter days. Going to work & leaving work both in the dark is mega-depressing. I believe I have seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. This year, I think I’ll try out on of those light therapy lamps.

Summer was a beast this year, though, and I won’t miss the stretches of 100+ degree days. And The Hurricane. And the mosquitoes. There have been many days I woke up to a fresh batch of bites due to a rogue mosquito trapped inside my house. That’s no fun.

I’m one of those people who thinks of every new season, every new year, and even every new week as a fresh start. With autumn quickly approaching, and it being a Monday morning, I jotted down this to do list for the week:

1. Letters to Jax. I’m getting behind on penning my letters to Jax, thanks to the Kindle. When I have a rare moment in time to myself, I’ve been snuggling with it. The good news is, maybe this will be the year I finally read 52 books in 52 weeks (beginning & ending around my birthday in August). There have been so many cool things Jax has been doing, though, that I really want to jot them down! Hopefully I’ll remember to throw his notebook in my purse one of these mornings so I can spend a lunchbreak at the park writing instead of reading.

2. Stretch. I’ve never had a backache, really. I mean, I’ve certainly had that normal PMS-y type of lower back pain that is helped by a handful of Pamprin. But this back pain I’ve had since Saturday is no joke. I don’t know what exactly I did to enrage my lower back, but I can’t get rid of the pain! I feel like an old lady all of a sudden. I think I need to start exercising, like for real. I’ve asked The Twitter to recommend a beginner’s yoga iPhone app — that’s how I roll — so we’ll see what they come up with. If you know one, please comment! I figure I should try an app first, rather than a DVD or a class, because it’s cheaper and portable.

3. Eat better. I confess: Hurricane Irene killed my usually healthy diet. Like I mentioned on Friday, I chose to avoid the big grocery stores (and therefore save myself hours of waiting in line with crazy people hoarding eggs, bread, water, and milk) and shop at Rite Aid instead. So you know what I came home with, right? Oreos, Pop-Tarts, and granola bars. Not even the healthy kind. I don’t ever keep that kind of crap in the house. Yet I spent the whole weekend eating it. And drinking beer with my husband. Eating better now that the crazy weekend is over shouldn’t be too difficult.

4. Drink more water. Funny confession: I hoarded water this weekend because of Hurricane Irene. And then I was afraid to drink any of the 5 gallons we had in our house. Now that I’m back at work, where water is in endless supply, and now that there is no emergency on hand, I’m going to resume drinking my usual 80+ ounces per day.

5. De-hurricanify the house. This means peeling the masking tape X’s off the windows, reassembling the swingset in the yard, tossing out (or making my husband eat) all the junk food, putting our patio tables and chairs back outside where they belong, etc.

6. Sit up straight. I slouch a lot at work. See #2. Wonder if the backache is related or at least exacerbated by all the slouching all day long.

7. Buy BlogHer ’12 ticket. I fully intend to spend that birthday money in my pocket on my ticket to BlogHer next year, before the August discount on the early bird prices expires. The reduced price through Wednesday brings the ticket down to $158! I can’t pass that up. My friend just reserved our hotel room at the Hilton using a promo code, so I’m officially going as soon as I get my ticket, which I think will be today. I’m actually nervous. Weird, right?

What are some of your goals this week?