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  1. As a fellow blogger, I really took to heart all the wonderful advice that your readers provided for your forum. I, too, am a ‘newby’ and have considered the very same points (i.e., not using my children’s real names — after all, my blog is “The Just Call Me Charley Blog” but that’s only ONE of my many nicknames).
    Anyway, as a mother of four grown children, my son of 23 years recently having committed suicide, I have so many insights and advice to give women who follow me in their quest for blissful motherhood, justice, and a safe and loving environment.
    Keep writing! You are talented and gifted in this arena, and I say to you (as someone who doesn’t necessarily want my ex and his groupies to read my blog), “Just go for it.” My final word of advice for somewhat passionate or sensitive articles is to sleep on it overnight. Read it again in the morning, make your changes and peace with your conscience, then hit ‘send’.
    After receiving so many nice comments on my own blog, I thought it would be nice to reach out and say that I’m proud of you, and you should be very proud of yourself! I submitted my subscription request and look forward to your many future and expressive articles!
    “Keep on blogging!”

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