When I’m struggling for bloggy inspiration (like I am currently), I sometimes open the emails that flood my inbox, offering it. Like Mama’s Losin It or Plinky. This one from Plinky seems interesting enough to me tonight, admittedly after a glass and a half of wine:

“Choose and write about 5 (or 10) possessions that sum up who you are.”

First and foremost, the positivity notebook symbolizes my constant struggle to not be so negative. It also represents my constant yearning for growth and self-awareness.

Second, my iPhone is never out of reach for long. It is a lifeline, literally. There is nothing shameful about admitting this. My best friends are on the other end of that thing. Friends who’ve been there during the best and the worst of times in my life–they’re a tweet, a post, a text, or a phone call away, any time of night or day. And so am I. And I like and am proud of being (usually) accessible to those who need me.

Third, fourth, and fifth are a struggle to think of. There’s no way I’ll be able to name 10!

Ok, the third one’s obvious. The photographs I collect, both digitally and in print, summarize my life and all the memories to which I’m clinging. If my house were to catch on fire, I’d certainly grab the photo albums and books I’ve created over the years. I’m a photo junkie. This is probably because my memory is so atrocious that I rely on photographs to remind me of experiences.

My book collection, which spans 7 bookcases (some of which are floor-to-ceiling), also define me. The books I’ve read over the years have shaped who I am today. Future books will change the way I think and feel about things. I’m not happy unless I’m engrossed in a book (or more than 1 book).

My shoes define me. Kidding. I just can’t think of a fifth thing. It would have something to do with music, that much I know for sure.

What are 5 possessions that sum up who you are?

Oh NaBloPoMo, you kicked my butt. I’m spent.

For those of you who don’t know what NaBloPoMo is, it is shorthand for National Blog Posting Month. It occurs every November, and those of us who participate (2,216 of us this year) are challenged to post on our blogs every single day in the month of November. Why do we sign up for this, you might ask. Well for me, it was both a test of my bloggy endurance and a writing exercise. I love to write, but I often don’t make time to do it. I wanted to challenge myself to do it daily for 30 days and see how it felt.

It felt great most days, but now I am tired. Yet here I am, writing again the very first day after NaBloPoMo. Maybe it’s a habit now to find a chunk of time each day to write about my life.

I just hope somebody is reading. Lots of somebodies.

My stats for November weren’t very surprising. Sure it was my best month ever, with the most page views yet. But barely.

On the one hand, I’m disappointed that my page views aren’t higher, given how much work it is to maintain a blog (especially writing daily). On the other hand, I wonder why I care about page views at all! My goal for blogging was to work through my postpartum depression through writing. And I met that goal. So when did my goal suddenly become to gain readers? It happened and I didn’t even realize it until last night when I obsessively checked my monthly stats several times before midnight. Crazy, I know.

So now that NaBloPoMo is over, I’m going to chill out and just post whatever and whenever I feel like writing. And if I don’t have anything to say and just want to write for the sake of getting shit out of my head, so be it–it’s my blog, afterall!

But let’s be honest, I will continue to hope somebody is listening.

In completely unrelated news, Jax got a haircut last night. Since my husband was heading to Hair Cuttery to get a haircut himself, I thought why not take Jax along for a big boy haircut? (We usually go to Kids Kuts.) Big freaking mistake.

Jax screamed, and I do mean screamed, for most of the time. Several times, his screaming and crying turned into wretching and heaving. That was fun & not embarrassing at all. I did feel pretty bad for my boy, who had hair in his mouth and stuck to his tear-streaked face, including by his eyes and possibly in them at one point. Other times during the longest haircut in history, I felt annoyed with him for making this into a much bigger deal than it truly should have been. What is it about haircuts that freaks out little boys so much?

The hairdresser, whom at first I felt bad for, took her time–you’d think she was cutting the hair of a celebrity or something! How’d we end up with a perfectionist?! And not only that, but it also seemed like she didn’t have a whole lot of experience cutting the hair of a 2-year-old.

I know, I know–what did I expect, taking him to a Hair Cuttery instead of a kids’ place?!

We won’t ever be doing that again. EVER.

And by “that,” I mean cutting his hair. Ha!

We had to drop $20 at the Hallmark store right next door after the trauma of the haircut just to get Jax into a happy mood again before we dragged him to run more errands.

So how was your night??

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It’s not all fun & games. Although it mostly is.

Blogging has given me a platform to advocate for the things that have become so important to me as a mother–breastfeeding and postpartum depression awareness, for starters. Blogging has also introduced me (virtually) to some fabulous women, some of whom I’d die to meet in real life sometime if I’m ever so lucky. Blogging has prompted me to write again, after a years-long hiatus from the very thing that I used to live and breathe. Blogging has been a crucial part of my healing from PPD.

But I have faced a few blogging challenges, too.

The primary issue, for me, is finding the time to blog. I suspect this is an issue for many of us, whether related to blogging or any other thing which gives us pleasure (note: I didn’t use the word “hobby” because I feel that trivializes our pursuits). If I had a child who slept through the night, beginning at an hour when I’m not collapsing into bed exhausted myself (ok, that hour is 9:00 for me, go ahead & laugh), or a full-time job, maybe I’d be more prolific. Maybe I’d spew masterful prose night after night and thus have a following of like a million readers! But the reality is, I work from 8 to 4:30 and I have a toddler who worships his “mom-mom” so much that he can’t bear to be away from her, even physically, for more than a few minutes at a time. Surely not long enough to log into a website and type the blog post of her life. So I have to write in short bursts, often needing several sessions to complete a post. I rarely proofread–that’s a luxury–before clicking “Publish.” I usually complete a post, start to finish, in about 15 minutes, usually during a lunchbreak, sometimes from my iPhone. And I love love love scheduling posts in advance. Often, I will write 3 at a time and spread them out over the week.

I feel dirty having admitted that.

So, yeah, time for blogging is at a premium. Is it that way for you, too? Does it get better when the kiddies get a little older & more independent?

And my other blogging challenge is related to privacy–how much of myself (and my family) do I want to put out there in the scary world? I wrestle with this constantly. I am still not convinced I want to be on Facebook, for cryin out loud. I have no idea how I ended up with a public blog. Every few months, I end up in a state of panic and have to talk myself out of deleting my Facebook, Twitter, and blog.

Oh, wait, I have a third blogging challenge–and it’s a technical one. I use the Bueno theme by Woo Themes on WP. And for some ANNOYING reason, I can’t use apostrophes in titles. For example, Writers’ Workshop shows up above as Writers Workshop. Ugh. So frustrating. Afterall, I’m an editor for a living, and I know when to use a freaking apostrophe. And my photos don’t always center, although I beg them to. Oh well. I’m not perfect, so why should I expect my blog to be?

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