Sharing some of the blogs I cherish…

Blogs belonging to my best real-life friends

Run. Ride. Repeat.  – Dacia’s my BFF. She’s awesome, and if you don’t read her blog, you’re truly missing out. She mostly discusses health and fitness, life as an Army wife, and living better.

Landfill Films – Brian and I have been friends since I was a dark, brooding, poet in the 90s. He makes films in Georgia.

Flowtation Devices – My friend, co-worker, and walking buddy, Jen, blogs about the impact of dance in her life and other things that make her an awesome, grounded human.

Baconseed -  Momma extraordinaire and gardening guru. Melanie has been my friend since I was 15 (more than half my lifetime). Currently inactive, but stay tuned!

Leesytude – Elise’s blog is new, so go visit & tell her how fabulous she is. She is “a complicated realist” who loves The Muppets.

Blogs about parenthood

Sometimes It’s Hard – Another sleep-deprived PPD warrior momma to two cute baby girls, with whom I chat (read: rant to) on Twitter. The mom, not the babies. Definitely one of the wisest women in my life & cherished friend.

Learned Happiness – Susan is one of my favorite bloggers because she keeps it real, she’s so kind & giving, and she’s funny. Mom of two, PPD warrior, awesome friend.

Not Just About Wee – Yuz, from Australia, holds a place in my heart because, like Susan, she keeps it real. Yuz is the chick who says what you’re thinking.

Talking Is My Primary Function – Stephanie’s blog is new to my list, and now I wonder how I ever lived without it–and Stephanie–in my life. Sooo fabulously funny, you guys.

With a Little Love and Luck – Lindsay is mom to B, who is close in age to Jax. We are fellow PPD warriors, too. Ask her about her shenanigans, but don’t mention anything about moths…

Butterfly Confessions – My friend & ex-BlogHer roomie, A’Driane, writes this blog about life as a mom of two, grappling with the social issues of the day, bipolar disorder II, and starting a new life with her family way across the country!

tranquilamama – Jenny is my music-loving friend. We met through #ppdchat years ago & have been tight ever since. She blogs about her experience with PPD and anxiety and life with her two little girls.

Farewell, Stranger – I wish I knew Robin in real life. Recovering from PPD and talking openly about it. Canadian mom of two boys.

The Feminist Breeder – The name is descriptive without my help. But I’ll add this is one AP, opinionated, overachieving rocker momma.

Jane Cleaver dot com – AP, tattooed, zombie movie-lovin’ foodie, blogging about her experiences as a first-time mom, soon-to-be mom of two!

Good Day, Regular People – She’s the Empress. She’s an amazing mother & a sweet friend to all bloggers everywhere! And she is hilarious.

All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something – Kim cracks me up and is currently my favorite blogger. If you need a laugh, read any of her posts and then come back and thank me. Kim also blogs openly about her experience with PPD & bipolar disorder II.

Heir to Blair – This TTC-pregnancy-motherhood-PPD-working momma blogger will crack you up and warm your heart.

jana’s thinking place – Jana is super nice. Check out her blog. It is also super nice.

Life with Baby Donut – Rach is mom to a baby girl. A baby girl who sleeps like Jax sleeps. So Rach and I commiserate a lot on Twitter.

Pieces of a Mom – A collection of Sheila’s experiences, trials and tribulations as a wife and mother, fears, successes, and complaints.

Blogs that give great breastfeeding advice

Dagmar’s Momsense – Breastfeeding, attachment parenting, natural birth, green and frugal living, social media, blogging, and family life.

kellymom - Breastfeeding & parenting. So much helpful info!

The Leaky B@@b – Letting it all hang out–family and breastfeeding stories.

Life with Levi - You can’t miss her weekly breasfteeding blog hops. They’re awesome!

Perinatal Mood Disorder & Mental Health/Well-Being blogs

Living Self-Care – Empowering women to take better care of themselves.

My Postpartum Voice – Lauren is amazing and a hero. She founded & hosts #PPDchat on Twitter and inspires hope in those tackling PPD. Can’t say enough good things about her.

NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness

Postpartum Depression to Joy – Yael is a strong supporter of women experiencing depression. She is founder of the Facebook group, Mama’s Comfort Camp, which you can read about on her website.

Postpartum Progress – Katherine’s is the most widely read blog on PPD and other mental illnesses related to childbirth. This blog will help you heal.

Great parenting resources

Ask Moxie – You gotta love her style. She is so helpful if you have a parenting question.

Berkeley Parents Network – Tons of great advice from gentle parents.

Dr. Sears – I wish this man were our pediatrician! Gentle, AP pediatrician with tons of his own kids (and thus experience of all kinds).

Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP – Dr. Jay knows his stuff when it comes to breastfeeding and attachment parenting. He’s not afraid to tackle the tough issues truthfully.

Weelicious - Catherine makes baby food, toddler food, family food all from scratch and is adorable while she’s doing it. She might be supermom.

Style blogs

Alternative Housewife - Crunchy, stylish, web designer, thrift shopper mom who WILL help you cutify yourself.

4 Hats and Frugal – My friend Amiyrah is gorgeous, frugal, and so much more!

Gala Darling - It’s all about radical self-love, baby. (No, not THAT kind of self-love.)

Fun & useful sites

Marc and Angel Hack Life – Sharing practical thoughts on a broad range of topics pertaining to life, hacks, productivity, aspirations, health, work, tech, and general self-improvement. I honestly can say that I love every post on this site.

The Skinny Scoop – Fun online surveying tool that helps women who want the skinny get the scoop!

Healing blogs

Band Back Together - Awesome site on which you can share anything you want and get the support you need.

Unspoken Grief - Devan founded this site in 2011 to help heal those who have had a perinatal loss. She’s an angel.



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