Hey, thanks for landing on my blog! Several of my friends nicknamed me “James” way back when and it kind of stuck. My son’s nickname is “Jax.” Thus, the title of my blog—James & Jax! About 2 years ago, I was stumbling through new motherhood, not yet realizing that my postpartum depression was in full effect but feeling less and less like myself daily. Blogging about it now is my cheap version of therapy.

The blogger herself: I’m a first-time mom, making my way through breastfeeding, co-sleeping, my version of attachment parenting, PPD, working full-time, and still trying to figure out who I am now that becoming a mother has totally rocked my world. Want more dirt on me? Read this or this!

The blog itself: It’s a parenting blog, but more than that, it aims to present my belief that we’re all in this together. What I mean is that by sharing my personal experiences while raising my son, I hope that those reading feel less alone and lonely, and more like “Wow, I went through that, too!”  It is my ultimate goal that reading my blog feels like chatting with your high school girlfriend over a glass of wine, now that we’re both moms.

This is us!



  1. Congrats on your blog. Having been there when Jax was born, I can say it again, you did amazing. He is the joy of my life. You and Ian are great parents.

  2. Hey! I was looking at your status on fbook about christmas and somehow I ended up on this page!! I just wanted to say that I think it’s really cool! I think the letter idea is really awesome (even if Ian says its weird!) I am going to copy your idea of the letters when I have a child…which will be 10 years from now!!

    I don’t have much experience with baby’s but it seems like you are doing a great job! Keep up the awesome work =)

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  4. Hi J&J,

    Checking out your blog today!!!Love it! Tony and I hope to meet you and Jax at one oof our events. Keep on Blogging Baby!

    Dennae and Tony
    Meetup.com Group – South Jersey Mom with Preschoolers

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