I might be the last to know about The Switch Witch–you tell me. Have you heard of her? Have you introduced her in your home?

In case I’m not the last to know, the way I understand this concept to work is this: Parents who are tired of all that Halloween candy sitting around the house (you know we are the ones eating most of it!) introduce the concept of The Switch Witch to their littles, telling them that they can trade in their candy for a toy to be delivered by her while they sleep.

How we worked it in my house is that I had Jax write a letter to The Switch Witch (I used a pencil to dot the words he dictated to me, and then he traced each letter with whatever color marker he wished to use–this was a fantastic exercise for him to practice letter writing, by the way). We left the letter next to his bowl of Halloween candy when he went to bed the other night. First, though, I let him choose a handful of his favorite candies to retain because I felt bad having him turn it all in.

This is the stash Jax asked to keep.

This is the stash Jax asked to keep.

"Take my candy, leave a toy..."

“Take my candy, leave a toy…”

The next morning, the candy was gone and a toy was waiting for Jax when he woke. The Switch Witch had come in the night, much like The Tooth Fairy.

The Switch Witch delivered!

The Switch Witch delivered!

He was so happy. I was so happy. My co-workers who stop by my cubicle for a candy fix are happy.

I think we will continue this tradition for a few years. If we didn’t, what ultimately would have happened is that I would have continued to eat a little candy here and there each day until I needed a bigger size, Jax would have had a bunch of sugar highs, and then in December I’d have ended up throwing out a ton of leftover candy to make room for Christmas candy. Ugh.

What do you think? Will you be using The Switch Witch? Or are your kids more into candy than toys?

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