boardwalk game

Jax loves to play boardwalk games!

Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I can increase my family’s spending money for more flexibility to do all the fun things summer throws at us. Yes, we are feeling the sting of summer—you know, when you try to do ALL THE THINGS but without all the money? We’re getting ready for a beach vacation, and it would be nice to have a little wiggle room after paying the next round of bills, you know? Especially given how much Jax loves boardwalk arcades and rides!

I’ve also been wondering how to better declutter my home. I spent 47.5 hours without leaving my house this weekend (yes, I counted every painful hour), due to a sudden stomach virus. It gave me many hours to lay on the couch staring at piles of books not on shelves, dust bunnies, and toys underneath the tv stand—things that make my brain hurt.

Then it hit me—I should have a yard sale! I live on a corner that gets a fair amount of foot and vehicular traffic, as it’s not fair from two of the town’s main roads. But then another thought hit me—this summer’s weather has been really unpredictable, so it might not work out to schedule a yard sale with all the rain and extreme heat we’ve been having. Plus, yard sales seem like a ton of hard work! So, I’m placing that idea on the backburner until fall, when I’m less busy and it’s less hot and rainy outside.

So my goal for right now is to consider selling some things online, which I’ve never done before but I think it looks easy enough to do. My house is cluttered with DVDs, books, and CDs we rarely pick up anymore, thanks to Netflix, On Demand, Kindle, and the iPad. I could sell the CDs and DVDs online and stash the cash for vacation!

Brainstorming other things I could do to generate a few dollars, it occurred to me to stalk my friend Amiyrah’s blog, Four Hats and Frugal, for some tips on saving money. I’ve been a subscriber for years, but I haven’t given much attention to her finance-related posts until now.

What are some of the ways you finance your family’s summer?


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  1. I hate the summer sting! Everything is SO expensive and the cheap/free special days are always packed and not worth it. (We tried to go to the zoo on half-price day and literally couldn’t find a parking space and had to turn around an go home!)

    Because I freelance, I try to dial it up and hustle more when I know there’s stuff we need money for. Of course, I should just hustle that much all the time!

  2. Yes. YES. Sell all the things!! I try to do that now and then so I can save some extra pennies. $10 here, a $5 there, it adds up. I usually try with my neighbors and the moms group I’m in, but know people who rock it on Craigslist and Ebay. Are there any consignment stores in your area? Or sales? Those do really well, but I’m too lazy to organize my stuff to get it sold! Maybe soon!
    Andrea recently posted..Big Girl Panties, Stephanie Evanovich ~ book review

  3. Arcade games and all that beach vacation fun is what Nana is for. Just show up, have fun and relax!!!

  4. We try to cut expenses in some areas to free up a bit more $$. I sell outgrown clothes to children’s re sale shops.
    Robbie recently posted..Friday Fragments #44

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