Jax, enthralled by the Disney Jr show at Hollywood Studios

Jax, enthralled by the Disney Jr show at Hollywood Studios

This time last week, I was at Disneyworld’s Hollywood Studios with my parents, my siblings, Jax, and my husband. The sun was shining and warming up my cold, pale New Jersey skin–but not really tanning it, thanks to my overvigilant sunscreen applications. Oops.

Now I’m at work, eating a frozen entree from a plastic container, trying to pretend it isn’t snowing/sleeting outside and that the pile of work on my desk doesn’t need my urgent attention.

I think I’ll dwell in last week’s world for a bit longer, thankyouverymuch. Pass the vitamin D, wouldja?

I was nervous about a few things before heading to Disneyworld, particularly with a toddler. Jax has never flown before this trip, and although he loves all kinds of transportation in theory, I was worried he’d be that child on the plane who screams for 2.5 hours and I’d be the mom endlessly apologizing to those seated nearby. But he was great, if not slightly bored at times. In hindsight, I’d have packed better for the flight. I tried to help him pass the time with my iPad–showing him various toddler-friendly games he loves to play, movies, and tv shows–but I stupidly forgot to bring headphones that fit his little ears. My earbuds weren’t cutting it.

I also worried that I’d forget to pack something crucial to my son’s well-being. You know, a certain toy or a favorite pair of jammies–the kinds of things that if forgotten can induce a stage 5 meltdown even at The Happiest Place on Earth. On the drive to the airport, I realized what I’d forgotten to pack: his Pillow Pet. It turned out that he didn’t ask for it at all, probably too tired at the end of our long days in the parks to even notice it wasn’t on the bed. He asked for his footie Spider-Man jammies one night, but I explained that I didn’t pack them because it’s too warm in Florida for footie jammies, and thankfully he agreed! He did make me buy him Spider-Man slippers, though.

I worried about his aversion to using public restrooms. I’ve been privvy to many a tantrum in public when it came time to check potty. My mom had read a blog post (I wish I knew which one so I could credit it here) about a toddler in Disneyworld whose genius mother used stickers and Pixie dust to help her child use the public restroom. She applied a sticker to the sensor of the automatic-flushing toilet and then sprinkled glitter (Pixie dust) over the bowl to keep it from flushing on her toddler. We did purchase plenty of stickers and glitter before heading to our vacation, but we used only the stickers because, in all honesty, I simply didn’t feel like cleaning up spilled glitter all week.

The stickers did the trick. They were the smartest thing I did all week–and possibly EVER! I’m certain they prevented a handful of epic meltdowns daily. I urge anyone with a toddler who doesn’t love using a public restroom to stock up on stickers. They’ll be a permanent fixture in my purse from now on, believe me. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did peel off each and every sticker after we were done using them.

So those were my primary worries about heading to Disneyworld with Jax, who is 3.5 years old now. He was a rockstar, though. So I guess in typical momma fashion, I did a lot of worrying for no good reason. This kid always surprises me (for the best).

Got any travel advice for toddler parents? Please share it here!


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  1. I think you are a rockstar. I haven’t tried to fly with BG yet, and the thought makes me cringe a little. Sounds like you and sweet Jax both did an amazing job of adjusting to the trip. Glad to have you back!
    story recently posted..Dear fellow mom

  2. I’ve heard about the sticker thing before on an autism site. Glad to hear you had a great time!

  3. That sticker thing is awesome! Some people are geniuses :) and that is awesome that he was so good on the plane. im flying with my will-be-six year old and im worried about him being bored. ill try not to forget his buffalo (beloved stuffed animal)
    Raine recently posted..I Hate Sallie Mae

  4. Glitter stops the toilet?
    Glitter cures the world. I’m certain of it.
    They should put that shit in a pill.
    Actually I do think they put gold flakes in pills so you can poop gold. Google it.
    I knew that he’d be a rockstar and kudos to you for sunscreen!
    Kimberly recently posted..My Safe

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