Guess where my family is headed this weekend? Here’s a hint:

Ignore the messy hair, please, and focus on the ears!

Ignore the messy hair, please, and focus on the ears!

My parents bought my family, my siblings, and themselves trips to Disneyworld for Christmas 2012. Back then, March felt forever away, but here we are, on the day before our departure–and me with a bazillion things left to do before I can get into a vacation mindset. Isn’t that always how it goes?!

Tomorrow will be Jackson’s first Disneyworld vacation (but probably not his only), as well as his first time on an airplane. We chose to fly with Southwest because of the great word-of-mouth they typically receive from bloggers who fly with their kids, in addition to the schedules and perks like bags checked free of charge and in-flight wifi.

I am slightly nervous about how Jax will do on the 2.5-hour flight from Philly to Orlando. But I am reminding myself today that he usually is very well behaved and pleasant, and I usually do a whole lot of worrying for no good reason. I’m also nervous that I’ll have forgotten to pack something essential, but of course everything is replaceable if you’ve got the cash or the cards. Note to self: Don’t forget the cash and cards!

After this past week with its cold-from-hell and a near-ER trip with Jax, I’ve never been more mentally ready for a week in the sunshine. The weather in Orlando is in the mid to high 80s currently. I’m thinking that will eradicate any remaining germs! I just hope Philly weather gets itself together while I’m away and I come home to spring!

The only downside to all the sunshine I’m going to bathe in? Freckles. Even with a good sunscreen, the freckles on my nose and cheeks will reach the hundreds after this coming week. Ugh. They’re cute on everyone else, in my opinion, but I hate ‘em on my own face. I’m curious whether Jax will get any new Floridian freckles!

By the way, I’ve lined up a special guest post for Monday, so please don’t you stay away while I’m away.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. I’m so excited for you! Have FUN!!!
    Susan recently posted..Mamas Comfort Camp Turns ONE! A Celebration AND A Giveaway!

  2. I got excited just reading this…I don’t remember my first disney trip other than the pictures and video my parents have of me (i think i was 2yrs old) but it is my favorite place i’ve ever been (not that i have been many places). Jax will love it and the plane ride. I hope he can meet the captain before takeoff. they used to open the cockpit once the plane was on autopilot for the kids to come in but not anymore. He will be in his glory with grandmom and everyone around. Thats so awesome. And don’t you worry so much. Even if youforget things it won’t matter. Your on vacation…enjoy every single minute of that first experience youll never get it back. im jealous!

  3. Woo hoo! SO fun! Have a blast and safe travels. May you all enjoy the visit w/the Mouse!
    Andrea recently posted..They Just Want to Pee Alone.

  4. I hope you guys have a blast! I can’t wait to see some instagram pictures of Jackson giggling on the rides :)
    Amiyrah recently posted..#FashionFriday- Quality Glasses on a Dime

  5. Jaime, I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing vacation!
    Jenny recently posted..Sleeping beauty

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