What a whirlwind last week was! Was it like that for you, too? January flew by for me, which is a first–usually, I find that month to be painfully slow and seemingly neverending. But here we are, several days into February already!

Since it’s Monday, it’s time to ponder all the things I’m doing right and hope that you’ll jump in and make your own list & link it up!

I suspect it would be easier for me to write a list of all the things I’m doing wrong, and I will resist the urge to summarize them here. Let’s just say life has been so busy lately that I’ve fallen off the wagon with some projects I created to better myself! C25K, anyone? Ahem. Not supposed to list stalled efforts…

Getting back to the business at hand, what I’m doing right is decreasing the time I spend of social media so I have more time for the things I need to be doing–not necessarily fun things, but things that make me feel good once they’re completed. Like mountains of proofreading on my desk at work. I’ve been taking this work home some weekends because it helps me to return to the office on Monday morning having made a dent in the things waiting to be handled. Of course I would rather be tweeting, blogging, and Facebooking (well, not so much that last one), not to mention playing with Jax, but crossing things off my to do list is more beneficial to my mindset at the moment.

Another thing I’m doing right is using my little free time to help others. For example, this morning I proofread a document for a friend, and tonight I’ll be proofreading another friend’s resume. Being able to use my skills to help the people I care about makes me feel talented, helpful, valuable, valued, selfless, and like I am giving back.

Blog stats have been amazing lately. Which is perplexing because I published a mere 10 posts last month. I don’t know what or whom to thank for the uptick in traffic, but yay! January was my best blogging month EVER, since I began in September 2010. One of these days, I will probe Google Analytics and figure out what’s up. Until then, I’m just going to enjoy the bonus traffic!

Getting my taxes done tomorrow night after work is probably a good thing. I mean, I won’t be breaking the law and not having them done, so there’s that!

Obviously I’m grasping at straws now. I promise next week’s post will be more interesting. My goal for the upcoming week is to sprinkle the days with a little more self-care! So in the meantime, do me a favor & liven up this bloghop this week, will ya? Share what you’re up to & I’ll help you celebrate your successes! Promise!

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  1. You’re doing great. I’m especially proud of the unplugging.
    story recently posted..One month of my one word

  2. I love this! Agreed. Unplugging is very important. I’m joining in!
    Jess recently posted..What I Did Today.

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