Every mother can probably think of a thousand strange things her child does that only a parent could love.

Conversations About Poop

My list begins with all our conversations, initiated by Jax, about poop. For example, this one: “Why do birds poop on cars? Why is their poop so sticky? They probably eat a lot of bread and butter and macaroni and cheese.” That’s a direct quotation from Jax, as we drove to daycare in the morning last week. It’s gross, all this focus on poop, but I do admire his curiosity about everything. And his question phase is still so brand new that I find it cute. I’m sure that won’t last much longer!

The Beauty of a Fish Oil Supplement

Every day, when I take my handful of vitamins and supplements, Jax tells me how much he loves my fish oil pill in particular. He thinks it is “beautiful” and asks if he’s allowed to hold it. I sometimes oblige, strategically hovering to ensure he doesn’t drop it around Rooney, although he’s eaten his fair share of fish oil pills and survived. I enjoy that my 3-year-old finds the beauty in a translucent, oval fish oil pill. It reminds me that beauty is all around us, if we just look, and that touch is powerful, necessary, transformative. I can honestly say I have never admired the beauty of a fish oil pill until Jax noticed it and made me see it his way.

This is what I have to jump over most mornings!

This is what I have to jump over most mornings!

Making a Bed on the Bathroom Floor

Most mornings, Jax lay on the bathroom floor while I shower. He doesn’t get in my way at all. He lets me shower mostly in peace the majority of the time. I hardly would notice he’s there, except that he usually forgets to close the bathroom door and I feel a rush of cold air. I try to remember, before I get in the shower, to bunch up my pajamas into a pillow shape for him, so he won’t have to lay his head on the cold tile floor. I think it’s adorable when he uses my pajama pillow.


Of course, those things I listed above sometimes drive me insane. Can you imagine hearing nonstop poop talk? I mean, who wants to think about poop for more than 1 second?! Or even at all?! And some days, I’d like to take my vitamins in peace, without my 3-year-old needing to play with them first. And what mother doesn’t miss pre-baby showering, when you could take as long as you wanted and not have to step over a child on the way out? Some days, I risk my life jumping–literally–out of a wet bath tub over my son, careful to try to land on the bathmat instead of the tile floor so I don’t break my back! All without losing my towel, no less!

I use reframing ALL. THE. TIME. You know the drill: Trying to change your self-talk from “Oh my god, how annoying!” to “Oh, how cute!” Most days, it works. Other days, not so much.

What I’d love to know is how to reframe a toddler climbing all over your body when you’re trying to accomplish a chore you hate, like folding laundry! Is it possible?

What do you love about your kid most of the time (but find annoying other times)?


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  1. He is too cute! I laughed at this sentence about the fish oil: “He thinks it is ‘beautiful’ and asks if he’s allowed to hold it.” I think the non-coated, translucent pills are kind of pretty, too (and I’m an old lady…sort of)! It’s amazing how kids perceive everyday things. :)

  2. Sleeping on the bathroom floor, hmmmm…. Wonder where he picked that one up.

  3. That is so cute that he lays on the bathroom floor like that!!

    The one thing that comes to mind that can get annoying around here but is also so very cute, is my daughter puts stickers everywhere!! The windows in my car are covered, the side of my car has a big bright green sticker on it (which is embarassing because I can’t get it off) & there are stickers everywhere in the house- on the kitchen floor, the walls, the toilet seat! The other night before I went to sleep I checked on her & when I looked above her bed, there were a few new stickers placed on the wall, I couldn’t help but smile :)
    Andrea recently posted..fertility testing & not giving up

    • The sticker on the car thing made me laugh out loud, seriously. Other parents who see you on the road surely know you have a toddler!

  4. Does thinking “We’ll at least he’s not…” Count as reframing? Because The Munchkin takes my folded clothes and puts them BACK in the laundry basket, because he thinks that’s where they go. So at least yours doesn’t do that?
    Colleen @ Mommy Panda recently posted..Cheer Up, Sleepy Bean

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