Today’s post commences round three of I’m Doing It Right, and I must admit I’m losing steam trying to find things about which to pat myself on the back. The first thing that comes to mind after some deep digging is that I haven’t quit the Couch to 5K program yet. It’s been only a week–I completed week one yesterday–but given the amount of negative self-talk I do the entire length of the workout, it’s actually impressive I’m still keeping up with it. This week will be the true test, as our mild winter is taking a turn toward the blustery, with temps plummeting below freezing every day and even some snow forecasted. Yikes!

Like most moms I know, I’m treading water when it comes to balancing my own needs with those of my family (and job and so on). But I’m doing okay, making sure I get in a little self-care each day, even if it’s a mere 15 minutes’ worth, which is a success in my book! It’s hard, I mean with all my to-do lists, plans, chores, and errands. But I’m taking care of myself and understanding my limitations. For example, I know that if I don’t either get some fresh air and sunshine or spend a half hour in front of the SAD lamp, I feel (& act) grouchy; so I’m forcing myself to do these things that are good for me, even if it means putting something else on hold–like laundry. It may not sound like a success or something to be proud of, unless you’ve struggled with perfectionism and control freakishness!

I’ve been spending a lot less time on Facebook. Go ahead & make fun of this if you must, but it’s a challenge for me to stop logging in several times per day to see what everyone’s up to. However, I am happier when I don’t know what’s going on in so-and-so’s marriage, when I can’t see potentially passive-aggressive status updates and wonder if they’re about me or someone I know, and when I miss all the political talk.

I’m asserting myself and going after the things I want. I can’t exactly elaborate on this at the moment, but it’s healthy and good and will hopefully pay off sooner or later!

That’s all I’ve got so far this week. And it’s enough, don’t you think?

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  1. Persevering is more than enough. Setting goals and holding yourself accountable for them is enough. Hugs. You inspire me!
    Jenny recently posted..Journey towards strength

  2. I absolutely think it’s enough! And how did I not realize you’re doing C25K, too? :) Woot woot!

    And how much do I love this line? “Like most moms I know, I’m treading water when it comes to balancing my own needs with those of my family…” SO very much. So much truth.

    Oh, whispering … speaking of FB, want to join my teeny tiny finding fitness group? No pressure, just support and encouragement and accountability if you want it.

    But you’re rocking this weekly linky thing and I am going to join you by posting tomorrow (and drafting it shortly).
    Andrea recently posted..Friendship.

  3. I found you on twitter and I’m glad. This was exactly what I needed to read this morning while fretting over all that I need to do (and all that I know I won’t get done). Thank you for reminding me what’s important!

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