Happy New YearIt dawned on me this morning that I simply don’t feel like doing a year-in-review post. So I’m not going to! At least, not in the typical way. I have to admit, the primary reason is that I honestly can’t remember all the things I did this year! And I’m too lazy busy to review this year’s photos to figure it out!

But I will say about this year that I was impressed when WordPress shared my blog stats with me and I saw that I posted 142 times. That’s pretty good, with a post every 2.57 days, if I did the math correctly. I hope to keep that up in 2013, although I fear I’m running out of things to write about!

So you might get a few rambly posts (like this one) here & there. We’ll just call them “stream of consciousness” posts (because that sounds better).

In 2012, like many bloggers I follow I chose a word to inspire me throughout the year: “better.” I wanted to wake up each morning and do better than the day before. I wanted to strive to be better–a better mother, a better wife, a better employee, a better blogger, a better friend…you get the idea. I’m not sure I am sitting here this morning any better at any of those things than I was a year ago today. But the word kept me striving, so there’s that.

In 2013, my word will be “enough.” As in, I’m giving up the pursuit of (near-)perfection and aiming to be a good enough mom, a good enough friend, and so on. I put way too much pressure on myself to be good at everything. And we all know what happens when we pressure ourselves too much! So in 2013, I’m cutting myself some slack.

Enough, to me, also means knowing when enough is enough. Knowing when to back away from things like drama, overbooked schedules, and too many unfulfilling commitments. Hopefully this frees me up for more fun, relaxation, and energy! The twist is that saying no to things will probably help me be a better x, y, and z!

I’m looking forward to some big things in 2013. I’m traveling at least 4 times: Jax will visit Disneyworld for the first time in March, thanks to a super-generous Christmas gift from my mom (to the whole family). That also means his first flight, which has me a little nervous given that he’s already saying he doesn’t want to go in a plane! Then in June, I think I’m going to Las Vegas for a work trip. It’ll be a quick trip, like they always are, but I’ve never been there, so I’m getting excited about it. Who wants to join me? I sure as hell don’t want to wander around that city by myself. In July, my family rented a shore house, so there will be lots of relaxation in the sun and sand. And then in September, I’m traveling to Washington, DC, again for work. And I’ve been there a thousand times, so it’s nothing special at this point, but maybe I’ll take Jax and the husband with me and we’ll see some of the museums we didn’t hit last time.

There is most likely going to be a new car in my new year. (And hopefully a new salary to help out with that! Haha!)

Aside from the excitement of travel & new wheels, I’m sure 2013 has plenty of other goodies in store. I’m looking forward to the new year and seeing how it plays out. This year wasn’t bad to me, but it definitely had its twists–both good and bad. They all do.

Happy new year! Be safe tonight! And don’t feel bad if you’re sound asleep by 12. ;)


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photo by: Sean Rogers1


  1. I like your word for 2013. I’ll have to think what mine will be.
    Susan recently posted..Christmas Eve

  2. You’ve got me licked with posts I’m sure :) And new wheels and new travel sounds like more than ENOUGH for me.
    Poppy recently posted..2013: The Year of Output – Not Putting Out

  3. Great word! Wishing you a good 2013. With Disneyworld in the picture, it’s bound to be a great year. Enjoy!

    Coming to you via Nicole and Sisters…
    Melanie recently posted..Cherish

  4. You have a child, a husband, a family, a job … you will NEVER run out of things to write about ;)
    Love ENOUGH, sometimes we forget what we need, and want more or expect more, or think we should give more at the risk of always stressing ourselves out … good enough is the new perfect (to quote a book title!)
    Sisters from Another Mister recently posted..Fork in the road

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