Lorac eyesHaving a boy has made me cherish all things girly. Lately, my femininity is reaching new heights, which both intrigues and delights me yet also appalls the me I once was–the girl in black fishnets, dark lipstick, and safety pins way back when.

My style–and girlyness–evolved much from adolescence to adulthood. Years ago–I’m talking YEARS AGO (aka, late 90s)–my makeup consisted of a few lipsticks (all dark), black eyeliner, maybe a brown eyeliner, mascara certainly, and foundation–pale. I lived in gray and black clothing, matched with Doc Martens (which, funny enough, my husband just bought me for Christmas!) or Chuck Taylors–covered in poetry and safety pins. Then I graduated college, landed a real job at a newspaper, and suddenly found myself in a world of khakis and jean skirts. Not a boot in sight–unless it was purchased at Macy’s. I adapted, got all girlified, new clothes, new lipstick, the whole deal. And I kinda liked it.

Then I had a baby, and the makeup got dusty for a while. My baby turned into a little boy and, being an only child, he turned to me to be his playmate. No practical reason to apply lipstick when you’re crawling around the floor racing cars with a kid.


As Jax became more and more independent, I found more time to apply makeup in the mornings. I rediscovered my love for it. And I love it all! I am now one of those women who don’t leave the house without a swipe of mascara on my eyes and a smear of color on my lips. My face is a fresh palette every day, and I’m having fun decorating it!

When this boymom feels exasperated by all the testosterone in the household–we even have a male dog–she puts on that rosy lipstick. Playing cars on the floor with Jax is fun and there are few things I love to do more than that. But smashing cars together with pink fingernails is so much better.

Taking a cue from my friend A’Driane, I’m experimenting (a little) with color. Color makes me feel pretty–who knew! I still wear a ton of gray and black, but I might now toss a yellow scarf around my neck or trade my silver hoops for some dangly purple earrings. Even on a Monday! Fancy!

This Christmas was the girliest ever. LORAC, Too Faced, and Lush dominated under the tree. There will be no laying around in my pajamas, unshowered, today–too much new makeup to try out! I think I’ll stray from my usual neutrals and give my eyelids a pop of color. If I don’t look like a clown, maybe you’ll find me on Instagram.


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  2. I hear you on this.You should get a vanity (aka- workstation) to do your magic with makeup!
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