sunriseYes, I know the world is supposed to end today or something like that, but I have bigger things on my mind. While you’ve all been talking about the apocalypse, I’ve been pondering what the winter solstice means to me: the arrival of the shortest day of the year! Unlike the supposed apocalypse, this happens every December without fail, and I do a little happy dance.

I can explain.

The past few years, it’s occurred to me (and my therapist) that maybe I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I’ve told you guys before how it’s like I’m a different person come spring–happier, more energetic, less negative, the whole works. Part of having SAD, for me, means feeling anxious that it’s dark out by 4:30 when I’m leaving work. I don’t know why I feel so anxious about it being so dark all night long, but I do. Makes sense, though, given that SAD is affected by lack of light.

I spend September, October, November, and December days watching the sun go down earlier than the day before. But come December 21 (or whatever day the solstice falls on in a given year), I am ecstatic because it means that finally the shortest day has arrived and we can get on with the business of lengthening days until June!

I’m weird, maybe. I own that. Hell, I even like it! But the way my mind works is that I look forward to this day every fall/winter. I think about December 22 and how daylight lasts seconds (or minutes?) longer that daylight on December 21, and I get a smidge happier. I feel like I can get through the winter a little easier simply by focusing on the fact that we’re now working toward the long spring and summer days, when we have light for 15-16 hours!

Do me a favor and remind me about the days being longer in January, when I am in that post-holiday funk and it’s gray and cold outside, will ya?


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photo by: Hamed Saber


  1. I always forget about SAD and that many of us may suffer from it. I’ll have to remember to give you daily reminders that daylight is getting longer and longer, minute by minute :)
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  2. hey! good call!
    Raine recently posted..Wordless With Santa

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