When I’m struggling for bloggy inspiration (like I am currently), I sometimes open the emails that flood my inbox, offering it. Like Mama’s Losin It or Plinky. This one from Plinky seems interesting enough to me tonight, admittedly after a glass and a half of wine:

“Choose and write about 5 (or 10) possessions that sum up who you are.”

First and foremost, the positivity notebook symbolizes my constant struggle to not be so negative. It also represents my constant yearning for growth and self-awareness.

Second, my iPhone is never out of reach for long. It is a lifeline, literally. There is nothing shameful about admitting this. My best friends are on the other end of that thing. Friends who’ve been there during the best and the worst of times in my life–they’re a tweet, a post, a text, or a phone call away, any time of night or day. And so am I. And I like and am proud of being (usually) accessible to those who need me.

Third, fourth, and fifth are a struggle to think of. There’s no way I’ll be able to name 10!

Ok, the third one’s obvious. The photographs I collect, both digitally and in print, summarize my life and all the memories to which I’m clinging. If my house were to catch on fire, I’d certainly grab the photo albums and books I’ve created over the years. I’m a photo junkie. This is probably because my memory is so atrocious that I rely on photographs to remind me of experiences.

My book collection, which spans 7 bookcases (some of which are floor-to-ceiling), also define me. The books I’ve read over the years have shaped who I am today. Future books will change the way I think and feel about things. I’m not happy unless I’m engrossed in a book (or more than 1 book).

My shoes define me. Kidding. I just can’t think of a fifth thing. It would have something to do with music, that much I know for sure.

What are 5 possessions that sum up who you are?

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  1. My five things are my CDs, my books, my iPhones, my pictures, my sheet music, my journals, and my yoga mat.

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