I am likely about to make you jealous.

Bloggers, ever feel inundated with ideas for posts you don’t have time to write? The ideas are there, buzzing around in my head, but the time isn’t. However, this morning I looked at the calendar hanging on my cubicle at work and noticed lots of scribbles–in other words, days off! Hooray! I counted them, like any busy mom who craves time alone would do.

Just look at all those days off from work! Eight, to be exact–plus the 1 on New Years’ Day. I’m working a total of 13 days in December. I’m working less than I am not working! I love this time of year!

It’s not exactly all peaches and cream, though–all those days off mean I’ll be wayyy behind when I return to work in January. But at least I’ll be well rested (in theory).

Over the break–which includes 11 days off in a row at the end of December–I will send Jax to daycare on a few of the days (& my husband will go to work as usual) so I can accomplish a few things around the house ALONE, including:

  • Undecorating the house from the holidays. Jax can’t be there for this. Too traumatic for the little boy who loves Christmas best.
  • Cleaning & catching up on chores. Every time I get a break from work, I try to give the house a good scrubbing. Sayonara, dust bunnies!
  • Finding homes for all the new STUFF (gifts). We already have so much stuff. Where in the world will all the new stuff go? I typically schedule a Purple Heart pickup or make a Goodwill donation during the week after Christmas. It feels good to declutter by donating.

And I’ll make a point to also indulge myself in some super-duper-mega self-care by:

  • Writing a few blog posts. I’d love to bank a few for when the inspiration or time are lacking later. Like when I’m overworking in January because of all the time off in December! There are many posts in my head just waiting to be written. I miss the days of having posts written and waiting in the Drafts folder to be scheduled for a rainy day.
  • Getting a massage. I’ve been holding on to a gift certificate for over a year now. Yes, a whole year! There’s never the right time to make this happen! But I’m thinking about spending one of the pre-Christmas vacation days finishing up my shopping and then relaxing with a massage. Assuming the thing is still valid….
  • Watching movies. This is something that’s fallen by the wayside in the 3 years of my son’s existence. Well, unless you count Disney movies. But there are a few mostly girly movies I want to see that nobody in my house would ever let me watch in their presence. Like The Notebook. Can you believe I’ve never seen that?! I’m sure it’ll be a total sobfest, but at least I’ll be alone, so who cares! Crying alone is good for the soul, right?!
  • Reading books while taking a bubble bath while drinking wine. Probably in the middle of the afternoon. So what.
  • Catching up with friends. That’s the best part of the holiday season, and I don’t plan to miss out!

So, what’s your December looking like? Wanna grab lunch?

I’m serious. Call me. I’d bet money that after a few days, I’ll be bored & lonely!


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