I envy people who chill out on the weekends, because that’s not how things play out for me. Sure, I’m a bit Type A, and yes, I do create lengthy to-do lists for myself, but only because I don’t want to miss out on anything! The price to be paid for that attitude, however, is a shortage of downtime.

The past two weekends have been gray hair producers. Thank goodness I color my hair! Just to give you a taste of what a typical–yes, TYPICAL–weekend is like for me, I’ll list it out for you (see? toldja I’m a lister).

Here’s what we did last weekend:

Friday Nov 9

Worked until 2. Ran a few errands on the way home from work, including a stop for a bottle of wine for dinner. Picked up Jax from daycare at 3 to spend a little extra time with him before dropping him off at his Nana’s for a few hours so I could attend my brother’s birthday dinner. Husband got stuck at work really really late, so after I made dinner for Jax (which I helped him eat, of course), I had to drive Jax 20 minutes myself to my mom’s at 6. Left the house without the wine. Oops. After dropping off Jax, I had to hit the liquor store yet again (where I accidentally bought a bottle of white that wasn’t chilled, meaning warm white wine with dinner, ick). Got lost driving to dinner in a town many towns away. Was a half hour late to dinner–embarrassing! By this point, I was starving, as it was after 7:30 pm and I’d been driving 90 minutes all around southern New Jersey. Had a nice dinner, then got lost heading back to my mom’s, so I asked her to drop off Jax to my house because I’d coincidentally ended up on the highway right by my house. Thank goodness she agreed. Shaved off a good 45 minutes of drive time. Bed, exhausted, around 10.

Saturday Nov 10

Husband spent the entire day in Brooklyn with friends at an art show. So in his absence, I called a plumber to fix my slow-draining bath tub, which was grossing me out. This fascinated Jax–he kept referring to the plumber’s bag as his “doctor tools!” I scrubbed my stovetop for at least an hour (it was also grossing me out). Then proceeded to clean the entire downstairs and do many loads of laundry. Around 3:00, totally wiped out, drove Jax to my mom’s because I had tickets with his best friend’s mom to Gay Bingo in Philly. Jax was all set up for a fun sleepover with his Nana. I had to get over my guilt over dropping him off there 2 nights in a row, which was the first time I’d ever had back to back plans that didn’t include him since he was born! Came back from my mom’s, ate a cheese hoagie as fast as I could get it down, had a beer, then left for Gay Bingo at 5:30. Gay Bingo until 10. FUN FUN FUN. If you’ve never been and your closest big city offers it, you gotta check it out. Got home around 10 and was sick to my stomach–too many snacks? stress?–until about 2:00 am, when I finally fell asleep in Jackson’s bed!

Sunday Nov 11

Drove to my mom’s in the morning to get my kiddo. Came home and got him cleaned up and then went right back out for a playdate with his two besties at one of those toddler gym places. Got home just in time for dinner. Husband worked most of the day and walked in about 15 minutes after dinner was ready. Our friend had come over a few hours before dinner and we made a fantastic meal–complete with blaring fire alarms because I dropped a chunk of roasting red potato on the bottom of the oven. Many fire alarms in several different areas of the house. Good times. No, really, it actually was kind of fun and funny!

Jax at the bottom of the slide

This weekend:

Friday Nov 16

Worked frantically until just after lunch, then rushed to a hair appointment 20 minutes away. Ahhh, me time! Then broke a few speed limits rushing to Jax at daycare because he had a 3:30 doctor’s appointment for the cold that just won’t quit (& I have anxiety). Got home around 4:30 or so, got dinner on the table by 6–roasted salmon and veggies. Relatively easy night, if I remember it correctly. I may have even taken a hot bath!

Saturday Nov 17

Had a 10:00 am birthday party a few towns away, so we spent the morning wrapping the gift and getting ourselves ready. Partied til about 2–that was utterly exhausting but totally fun for the kids. Drove home, rested for a half hour, then headed back out the door for another party! Stopped on the way for a gift. Fortunately, this party was at my mom’s house, so I could sit back and relax with a glass of wine! The boys even took Jax outside to shoot some hoops for 20 minutes, which was effing fabulous because the girls got to have girl talk with our wine. On the way home from there, the 3 of us (me, Jax, and my husband) grabbed dinner at Moe’s because it had been such a frantic/busy week that I never even grocery shopped! Whoops! Then my husband and his friends went out to a bar (some UFC thing), and Jax and I snuggled up on the couch until bedtime.

Sunday Nov 18

I had therapy at 9:00 am, so I had to be out the door by 8:30. But first, I ran through the Dunkin Donuts drive-through with Jax (in his jammies) for breakfast I didn’t have to cook. Ate and fed the boys and managed to leave by 8:40. Therapy until 10, then I had a coffee date with my friend at 10:15, so I maybe broke another speed limit getting there…. We grabbed some coffee and then headed to the mall to try on makeup at Sephora! Very girly of us, but also pretty fun. I got this. When I got home, I felt the urge to clean my house, which I did, in addition to 3 loads of laundry. Then I grocery shopped. After this, it was close to dinnertime, so I whipped up a lasagna and got that in the oven by 5. While it baked, Jax and I made peppermint bark that was shaped like snowflakes and Christmas trees. He thinks he’s giving it out to his friends at daycare. Ha! Momma’s totally eating it up herself. It’s been another whirlwind weekend, and chocolate helps.

Enjoying the first cake of the day

So when I whine on social media about how tired I am, now you get it. And this post doesn’t even cover what I did all week! Thank goodness Jax can keep up with me. As for my husband, that’s another story!

What does your typical weekend look like?


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  1. You better never forget the booze. After that…yup a drink or a bottle or a box is just about right.
    Kimberly recently posted..The Core

  2. Your weekend sounds fun. I like being out and about. It does suck that the hubs had to work late on the weekend. He’s a lucky man to have u as a wife!!!
    Leelah recently posted..Old fears

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