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How’s that for sass?

I’m such a downer lately. Seriously. I am the girl who will tell you about the snowstorm coming your way when you’re talking about your fun weekend plans. Or who will follow up your story about an uplifting video you just watched on YouTube with my story of a video I saw about a teen who killed herself as the result of bullying.

I’ve been wearing entirely too much gray and black again–and not even realizing it until someone pointed it out to me. Which got me thinking today, when it happened, about all the other things I’ve been doing that I’ve barely noticed but that could be affecting my mood:

I’ve been listening to sappy music that makes me nostalgic or that isn’t true to real life.

I’ve been reading books like The Dovekeeper and GirlBomb and not reading books like Bossypants, which I bought, read a few chapters of, and then put down because it was too funny.

I’ve been eating too much sugar, thanks to Halloween, and drinking caffeine again.

I’ve been saying yes to too many things and then complaining how busy and overwhelmed I feel. I’ve been putting other people’s desires or needs way ahead of mine.

I’ve been putting jammies on before dinner some nights!

I’ve been snuggling up with a blanket on the couch instead of playing down on the floor with Jackson. The darkness by 5:00 pm and the chill in the air throw me into hibernation mode. I hate it. My brain wants me to play with my kid or take him out, but my body wants a blanket and pajamas.

I have not been:

Blogging much.

Taking enough bubble baths.

Eating enough vegetables.

Giving enough compliments.

Dancing when I cook dinner, at least not much this week.

Using my time wisely.

Giving myself enough downtime.

Using my Gratitude! app daily.

But I have been walking at lunch almost every day. So there’s that. And it’s a start that I hope to build upon until I feel motivated right on out of this pre-winter moodiness. I’m not even actually that moody–I’ve certainly been worse! I just feel…blah.

So, it’s obvious that next week deserves some extra self-care (and some colorful outfits, or at least lipstick!), once I get past this super busy weekend. Until then, at least I can nix the caffeine, shelve the sad songs, smile more, put on some sassy lipstick, and give a few compliments. Those mood-boosting measures don’t take any time at all!

This post will be my reminder, and maybe those reading will hold me accountable to that whole self-care thing I just wrote.


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  1. You should wear your (our) dress from H&M! Maybe that will help lift your spirit!
    Dacia recently posted..Another Update

  2. I’m right there with you, total hibernation mode. I personally experience the most energy in the evening, which sucks because it’s too late to do any of the big things I want to do with Sebastian. I feel like crap all morning, and then feel guilty for not playing with him enough, and my energy levels peak around bedtime when it’s too late to paint or take a walk. It’s never too late to play on the floor, so I do try to do that as much as possible – I am always happy once I get down and start building block houses!

  3. Did you know that Chuck Norris can mix oil and vinegar _ permanently.
    Love you. Take one step at a time and put yourself first. xoxo
    Kimberly recently posted..Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday

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