I don’t know whether it’s the promise of shorter days and cold weather or my upcoming business trip (I don’t particularly want to go on), but I’m a bit down. This happens to me most autumns, although usually not this early. So I’ve decided what I want this week is a mini-break–not a complete break if I can help it–from blogging and social media. Withdrawing, to a small degree, and spending my time buried in a book or tv shows. Distracting myself from my brain.

And also taking more walks and bubble baths. Talking to friends (hopefully). Spending time playing with Jax, especially outside if it’s sunny. Double-dosing my fish oil and staying away from caffeine. Drinking less wine. Trying to enjoy sweaters and sleeping (if sleep cooperates) with the windows open. Using my gratitude app daily.

Next week will be better for two reasons. First, my second blogiversary is next week and so I’ll be having at least 3 giveaways. Second, my work trip will be a memory and therefore my anxiety–and my workload–will return to a more manageable level.

Have a great week!

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  1. Good on you for taking a step back to take care of you and regroup. Thinking of you.
    Margaret (@mammacockatoo) recently posted..Lofty goal

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