Photo by Christy ThompsonDriving home from work yesterday, panic gripped me as I realized I made plans that sort of clash with my big belated birthday bar trip tonight. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though–like I said, it’s a sort of clash, not a complete clash.

Tonight my husband is taking me out for drinks with a bunch of our friends. He’s even agreed to be the designated driver–this is a big deal, trust me. So when this plan started materializing about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I lined up an overnight stay for Jax at my mom’s house so that I can take full advantage of a night at the bar with no curfew, a rarity these days.

And then yesterday I made plans for the crack of dawn Saturday morning with Jax and his best friend (and his mom). Plans that include a long drive and a day outside in the heat. Whoops. How typical of me to want to do ALL THE THINGS.

Please, Mother Nature, take mercy on me and schedule a cloudy, cool 75-degree day! Please?

Sure, I could reschedule Saturday’s plans, but the momma guilt would be relentless.

So I will drink lightly on Friday night to avoid feeling anything other than excitement Saturday when I see my kiddo’s face light up when we pick up his bestie and then again when we arrive at our secret destination.

It’s no fun being a mom sometimes, is it?


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  1. Hugs. Crossing fingers and hoping hard that you are able to enjoy both occasions and that Mother Nature is kind to you.
    Margaret (@mammacockatoo) recently posted..Two steps forward, one step… sideways?

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