This week has pushed me to practice what I preach, hard core! If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, or even if you’re new and have had a sec to browse around the site, you probably encountered many posts about self-care. That’s because it’s crucial for one’s well-being. Let that soak in a minute.

Self-care is crucial for your well-being.

And it’s even more so when things get crazy. Last week and into this week, I experienced some really trying days when Jax came down with the cold from hell, when my dad died suddenly, and when weaning happened. You may recall this post, in which I referred to this trifecta as a “perfect storm of crap.”

Last Thursday morning, I told my husband that I didn’t want to leave the house, that I didn’t want to see anyone, and that all I wanted was to be left alone to cry and rage over how unfair life can be. He told me I would feel better if I went out and did things instead. Men! Sometimes they’re actually wise! Who knew!

My brother picked me up and took me and Jax to the zoo, despite all our sniffles and snot. And whaddya know—we had fun! Despite the previous day’s challenges continuing into the new day, the sun still shone, the animals still did disgusting and funny things in front of the zoo visitors, and I found myself laughing many times throughout the day.

I didn’t want to go, but I am so glad I did. The days that followed weren’t as fun, but having that one day out in the sunshine at the zoo carried me through some of the rougher moments on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and even Monday.

Self-care can take many forms—just like Lauren Hale said in her guest post here last week!

This morning, I posted this in a Facebook group to which I belong, called Mama’s Comfort Camp:

“Self-care reminder! Do something awesome for yourself today!”

And here are some of the things mentioned by group members as their version of self-care today:

“I’m going to take a nice long walk at lunch with my co-workers and then enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner tonight.”

“Just took at nap!”

“Scheduled a hair appointment! And going to the osteopath for my back/neck today. I’m also committing to an easy-to-cook supper. Take that, Tuesday! :D”

“I like your thinking. Perhaps I’ll join you in that glass of wine!”

“I’m going to make sure I read by myself for a while today. And maybe nap. We’ll see.”

I hope those ideas get you started with your own version of self-care. And I hope you’ll join me and some of my favorite mommas over in the Mama’s Comfort Camp on Facebook. Come check us out here.

“This group is a refueling station, where mamas from all over the world come together to vent, stomp, laugh, cheer, high-five, and more than anything: share deeply, and support each other in a completely safe space.”

Now go do something awesome just for you! Go!


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  1. I need to print this out & carry it with me in my pocketbook!! Seriously!

    I KNOW how important self care is, I really do. BUT, it can be sooo hard for me to do that for myself.

    I have noticed after dealing with ppa/ppocd that when I am doing too much or get too stressed, my anxiety & horrible thoughts can come back full force. I am *trying* to work hard on this & take care of myself more.

    This weekend my husband & I are going for a massage & my parents are taking our daughter for a full day. That is a good start right?!

    I completely agree that even if you don’t feel like doing anything but then actually make yourself go out, it can really be a HUGE help! This is one of the things I do all the time when I feel anxious or not “right” & it helps tremendously!

    So glad you went & had a great time at the zoo :)
    Andrea recently posted..eyes photo challenge

    • Andrea, that’s not a good start–it’s an AWESOME start! Enjoy your day with your husband. It sounds fantastic. You’re going to feel great after being so pampered!

  2. Yay for unexpected fun, and for getting out of the house when what you need is not exactly what you want. and yay for Comfort, and Comfort Camp. Love to you.
    Yael Saar recently posted..For Mother’s Day: The Pocket of Comfort invocation.

  3. You are so right about leaving the house or getting out when we don’t want to. I’ve felt like that many times, and then when I did leave my home, I was always so glad I did. Thank you for sharing so honestly. I found your blog on Top Mommy Blogs.


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