The clock is ticking down as I sit at this bright red desk in front of a window, blogging with nothing really to say. Jax is at my mom’s for an overnight visit because my husband is away for the day and I had a bridal shower to attend and, later, a birthday girls’ night out. I’m in the in-between time right now, with nothing to do.

I know I should be enjoying this extremely rare, valuable time alone in my house. But I feel uneasy. Like I put all this pressure on myself to spend it wisely, knowing how precious it is and how it may not happen again for a month or more.I keep checking the clock and saying to myself, “Only [this much more time] alone with nothing to do.”

Ever feel like this?

When I got home from the bridal shower, I traded in my cute outfit for some sweats and a Phillies shirt, popped a load of wash in, tackled the mountain of dirty dinner dishes from last night (gross, I know), and poured a glass of water before making my way to the computer.

It’s strange to go on Facebook on a real computer, rather than sneaking a quick check on my iPhone. Uninterrupted, limitless computer time is AWESOME. I’ve been missing out! I’m free to ramble (like I’m currently doing in this blog post) and to listen to the music I like, GUILT-FREE.

Yet I’m fighting that urge to mop the floors, though. Like, really fighting it.

(It calls to mind this awesome post by Heir to Blair.)

But I refuse to mop the floors, even though the dust bunnies are multiplying.

I refuse to do more than the one load of wash that’s in there already. I will fold that laundry, but I refuse to put it away!

I refuse to scrub the bath tub that really could use a good deep clean.

Whatever. That’s the word for the next 2.5 hours.

Whatever makes me happy. Whatever to the housework. Whatever I want to do, I’m doing.

If you give this mom 3 hours, she’ll spend half of that time wondering what to do with it. She’ll spend the other half of that time wishing she hadn’t wasted the first half.

With that, I’m signing off. Who the hell knows what I’m doing now, but whatever. That’s ok.



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  1. I hear all of that. I took the week off last week to do nothing, and that is the last thing i did. It is so hard to just relax and enjoy it.
    Raine recently posted..A More Comfortable Work Space

  2. Hahahaha I know just how you feel about having time to yourself. I usually spend it on the computer, with some show playing next to me on my phone. (I don’t like watching TV on TV for some reason…too loud maybe?)

    Oh, I probably would have mopped though. My floor is AWFUL and my kid keeps insisting on eating off of it. Yuck.
    Colleen @ Mommy Panda recently posted..Steppin’ Out Saturday: Free Comic Book Day 2012

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