Nars blush in Deep ThroatHere’s a snippet of something I read in a magazine the other day that got stuck in my brain: “Skip makeup sometimes, and show [your kids] that you’re okay with how you look…. With or without makeup, you are pretty powerful.” -Redbook (May issue)

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed my current interest in makeup. I’ve always been interested as far back as my memory goes, but lately that interest has kicked into high gear. It’s a temporary flare-up that happens every once in a great while, usually when I have a few extra bucks to spend and Jax doesn’t need new socks or anything. I like to refer to buying a new lipstick as self-care. C’mon ladies, don’t you agree it feels really good to splurge on a new tube, smear it on, and make kissy-faces in the mirror? Or maybe snap a few pics of your pucker to plaster on Instagram?

So when I read that advice up at the top of this post, it made me pause and think about a few things. First, how often does my son see me without makeup on? Second, what does that really matter to a boy, or to any toddler, really? Will Jax really associate my wearing makeup with having an insecurity or with how powerful I am?

That just seems like a stretch to me. But what do I know?

I don’t feel more or less powerful with or without makeup on. And I don’t mind letting going naked sometimes (my face, that is). It’s probably really healthy for my skin (even though I use primarily natural and/or organic products that are supposedly very nurturing for my skin) to let it “breathe.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love taking off my makeup at night, sometimes even immediately after dinner. But I equally love putting it on, like I’m painting on a fresh canvas. And I love how different lighting can change a look instantly.

So I’m going to ignore the magazine’s implication that if I wear makeup I’m not okay with how I look, as well as their implications about parenting while wearing makeup. Wearing makeup makes me feel pretty and happy. Feeling pretty gives me confidence. A confident, happy momma is a good role model for any child.

Hey Jax, pass me that lipstick, will ya?

Photo credit: Dhini van Heeren

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  1. Somehow when I see a Mom with makeup at the park, I feel like she has her “stuff” together. I wear makeup a handful of times a year. Mostly for date nights and things like that. I just bought a foundation and lipstick yesterday. I am going to see about wearing it more often. What timing for your post, :-) . I had given up makeup involuntarily because Jake got into my bag and ruined it all! I have slowly been buying things here and there to resupply. Sorry, for such a long comment. I really liked this post!
    Kathleen recently posted..Work…Housework that is.

    • I don’t have my stuff together, but I’m lucky that Jackson lets me put on my makeup in the morning. He actually likes to “help” me, which really means stealing my eyeshadow and putting it all over his own face. What is it with kids & their momma’s makeup!?

  2. I almost always wear makeup, and never leave the house without having at least some mascara and foundation on. I love the snippet of advice, though. Maybe toddlers aren’t perceptive enough for it yet, but I think it has merit for older children. I think it will be important to show our children that natural beauty is important as well. Great post! :)
    Kristin @littlemamajama recently posted..Living Room By Day, Bedroom By Night

  3. “I like to refer to buying a new lipstick as self-care.”

    Agree. 100%.
    LA recently posted..What Are You Top 5 Desert Island Beers?

  4. As the mom of girls who adore watching me put on my makeup & get into my make up bag, I emphasize that Mama uses makeup to enhance her natural beauty. I do love a new lipstick; it’s great selfcare for me as well.

    I received an awesome compliment about my dewy face last weekend which made me feel like maybe I should go without makeup more often.
    Jenny recently posted..Spanish Friday – Finding a Forgotten Passion

    • Ooh, compliments are so nice. Some people use a mountain of products to look “dewy,” so if you achieve it effortlessly, flaunt it, girl!

  5. Growing up, my mom didn’t always wear makeup at home, but I do remember her doing up her face for work everyday, and pretty much any other time we left the house. I always felt like she had it together and cared about how people perceived her, which is a GOOD thing!

    Sebastian wouldn’t leave the bathroom today until I let him put on my blush. He does it himself – Picks out the compact I use most often, grabs the brush, dips in the right spot and brushes right on his cheeks. I love it!

    Honestly, that magazine advice is kind of stupid to me… Should I also tell my husband to let our son see him looking like a sloppy mess to show him that looks don’t matter? Tell him not to shave for a week? Maybe we should all wear dirty clothes for awhile. You know, because aesthetics aren’t important. I guess you should skip the makeup if you wear it all the time and your kid doesn’t know what you look like without it (and if YOU don’t like yourself without it), but generally I feel that caring about your appearance shows that you value yourself. And I also think it’s a dirty double standard because I HIGHLY doubt anyone would give a dad similar advice.
    Janine recently posted..Healthy pet picks from Mr. Chewy

  6. The Sans Makeup sounds good. I’ve heard a lot from it and I’m quite interesting.
    Carmen recently posted..How To Conceive Twins

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