I’m a list-maker extraordinaire, and I love having a list of goals most of all. I am the kind of person who needs visual reminders of what needs to be done (or what I would really like to be done) in order to stay focused and motivated.

However, being a list-maker, I set myself up to be disappointed when my list has 30 things on it and I can realistically accomplish only 10. You’d think that after years of making lists, I’d have learned my lesson by now and make myself a rule about capping my lists to 10 items! Or occasionally throw myself a bone and write up a list of 3 or 5!

Taking my own advice, I’m drafting a short list of goals for the month of April, which–gasp–begins this weekend! April marks the true beginning of spring. And the beginning of spring, for me, means that I will be outside as often as possible (which is reason enough for keeping the list short) because I have a child who begs to be outside from the crack of dawn all the way until bedtime.

Which brings me to Goal #1: Get that mothereffing garden of weeds in shape! If I were a brave woman, I’d post a photo of my garden here and let you have at it in the comments section. That space needs some taming, some TLC, some professional help if I could afford it. I have a mental list of semi-professionals (friends, family) I plan to call on for help (consider this your warning, folks). Gardening is NOT my thing. Actually, it COULD be my thing if bugs didn’t exist. Bugs are not my thing. If you see me gardening, pull out a video camera because I guarantee you will be entertained as soon as the first bug touches my skin. But every year I try again because I love to see things grow, and gardens are so pretty. Til they are overcome with weeds and bugs, that is.

Goal #2: The Book of You. I’m learning who Havi Brooks is, thanks to my friend Yael, and so far I like this chick with the blue hair and her own glossary of creative terms. What she writes on her blog is making sense to me. In particular, her Book of You idea. The Book of You is a tool for learning more stuff about yourself; in the Book, Havi suggests writing:

Anything that’s useful.

All that stuff you think you’ll remember but actually you don’t.

A working hypothesis you’re currently testing (“Is it true that I feel better when I go to bed before ten or is that only true when I’m over-worked?”).

Or an aspect of yourself or your life that’s currently under investigation (“What do I know so far about what happens to me when I’m in a crowded space?”).

I think it sounds fun and enlightening. I might even consider starting one for Jax. I also like her idea to write up a “dammit list.” Maybe that’s next for me. I love self-growth and intend to learn as much about myself as possible. And no, I am not the most self-absorbed person on the planet, I swear. I’m just introspective and not ashamed to admit it!

Goal #3: Stick to my spring bucket list.  So much fun to be had. I hope I don’t get mired in the chores and errands lists & forget to go have it.

Goal #4: Get back to gratitude. I used to write in my Gratitude! app each night before bed, since 2010. I’ve fallen out of that habit, which is quite a shame because it helped me focus on all the positives in my life. I’d like to get back to doing that. Some say that if you write down 5 things you’re grateful for every day of your life for a month, it will change your life. I’m testing that theory in April.

Goal #5: Comment on more blogs. I subscribe to over 100 of them and I read almost every post, I swear (or at least skim them in a busy week). Yet I comment on maybe 3-5 per week. I’m awful, aren’t I? I want to do better, because I want you to know your words affect me and I enjoy reading them. Blogging is about community.

That’s it! A manageable list of 5 goals for a whole month! I can totally do this!

What’s on your goal list for April?


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  1. There is a gratitude app?!
    I took care of the garden. I needed to. It’s actually very theraputic for me. Now it’s done, I’m all “What the heck do I do know?” So I power washed the cement.
    I know, I am living the life aren’t I? :)
    Kimberly recently posted..Feelings And Flowers

  2. A list of 5 sounds manageable! I see lots of people using that gratitude app. Might have to look into it!
    Shell recently posted..Things They Can’t Say: Scary Mommy

  3. I am so not a listmaker. If it’s on a list it kind of makes me hate it a little, lol. But your goals are wonderful. I hope you have great fun and take care of you.
    story recently posted..The mirror

  4. I am so embarrassed about the state of our yard, I don’t even know where to begin. And I can totally relate to your bug fear. For me, it’s the spiders that freak me out more than anything. I should really break our yard into manageable areas and work on them one by one. Your post is inspiring me to write a goal list for April too. :)

    I used to write goals down all the time, but since being a mom I haven’t actually done it in quite a long time. I even commented to my husband last time we were out on a date that I missed that about myself. Is that weird?

    In any case, I think goals are awesome and you make an important point when you say that sometimes shorter lists are more realistic. I think this week I’ll write out a short list of my own and will link back to you since you gave me the idea. Thanks, Jaime! :) And let’s see how far we each get by April 30th.
    Jennifer recently posted..Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

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