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My favorite iPhone app in the whole wide world is Netflix. I am so addicted to it. Let me share with you the depth of my addiction: Every single night, without fail, I put Jax to bed and then crawl immediately into my bed with my beloved Netflix app. I put on an episode of whatever show I’m currently engrossed in–right now, Felicity–and watch it until I pass out, which is usually before the end of a single episode. Watching tv in bed this way is genius because the light emitted from my tiny little phone screen is much less harsh than that from my actual television. The sound is much lower, too. And, my favorite benefit, at the end of the episode, my phone goes into sleep mode–instant sleep timer!

In my defense, because I know that paragraph above makes me sound really pathetic, I live with a toddler and my husband–both are TV hogs. HOGS is putting it mildly. Jax has to have on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Dinosaur Train, or Yo Gabba Gabba virtually nonstop even though he isn’t watching. And my husband has to have on MSNBC or Fox Soccer Channel at all times when he thinks Jax isn’t paying attention. It is a constant battle between the two of them, which leaves me and my tv watching desires totally in the dust. So thank god for the Netflix iPhone app.

So, like I said, I’m usually asleep before the end of an episode. However, when the episode is really good, like episode #79 of Felicity, “The Graduate,” I stay up and watch until the very end and then put on the next episode.

And then I have strange Felicity-like dreams, apparently.

Here’s the synopsis of “The Graduate” episode, which I watched the other night (SPOILER ALERT):

Felicity is able to graduate because Professor Carnes fails her on the paper, but lets her pass the class. Ben asks Felicity to marry him, and she accepts. Ben receives a call in the middle of the night and learns that Lauren has gone into labor in Philadelphia. He catches a train and is present at the birth of his son, Andrew. Felicity’s parents come to town for graduation. Her father rags on her for deciding to live with Ben in New York, and accuses her of always following Ben. Felicity angrily announces her engagement. Ben returns and admits that it was very difficult to leave his son. Richard inadvertently blabs about Ben’s child and the Arizona move to Felicity’s father. Dr. Porter confronts Ben and expresses disapproval about the engagement (among other things).

When Ben started talking marriage and my heart started thumping, that’s when I knew–79 episodes in (yes, I’m not the most observant person)–that I have become hooked on this show. And when Ben returned from seeing his son’s birth, that look on his face… ouch. It’s been a while since watching a show sent me on an emotional roller coaster. Pretty embarrassing that the show that broke my dry spell is freaking Felicity!

Anyway, then I fell asleep during episode 80 and had vivid dreams of travel & weddings. I dreamed also of some of my male platonic friends with whom I’ve lost touch over the years–mostly guys I was friends with during college.

Not hard to see that Felicity is creeping into my psyche. Go ahead & mock.

Thank god there are only 4 episodes left.

But what should I watch next?


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  1. Talk to me after you watch the last 4. Immediately after if possible. They make me say “what the what?!?” and I am having trouble saying anything at all until you see them. ;)
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  2. My husband is TV hog too. We watch what he wants or shows that we both like, and only when he is gone can I watch the stuff I want to watch. It’s a good thing really, as those guilty pleasures are much less pleasurable with a non-interested party watching with you.

    I heart it that you guys watch a lot of TV. We do too. I was so of the mindset that TV is the devil and will fuck up my child’s development… but I have come to realize that I don’t really believe that. TV is bad for kids when it takes the place of a parent, yes, but not when families are watching movies together or while one parent is watching while another is playing. Or, you know, when my toddler watches Sesame Street so that I can make money for the family. Or read blogs.

    My guilty pleasures are House and Bones, and The Good Wife (Do you watch it??) is my favorite show right now, no guilt at all about that one!
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    • I do love television. I can’t help it, and I no longer want to change that about myself. I’m with you–I don’t think it’s always a bad thing. And when Jax is in front of the tv, I’m in front of it with him. Sure I might be tweeting or whatever, but most of the time we’re together, my attention is on him only. The tv isn’t taking my place, that’s for sure.

  3. We also love watching television and we even do DVD marathon at least once a week which also serves as our bonding with the kids. What I am currently watching is The New Girl which stars Zooey Deschanel. I find it hilarious and very light. Hope you can catch an episode some time. Thanks!
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