The hubs and I are going away in June for 3 nights/4 days. I already wrote about it here, so I won’t get into the details. But as the trip is rapidly approaching, now is the time to start to truly prepare myself for it.

Top priorities on the trip preparation to do list:

Have at least 2 or 3 practice overnight stays away from Jax. Tonight, my mom (aka “the Nana”) is having Jax sleep over her house. This is our first night apart his whole life! Of course I’m anxious, but it’s only 1 night so I think we’ll get through it in one piece.  I hope my mom realizes there WILL be phone calls and texts. Thank goodness for the iPhone & Face Time if needed. I hope my husband can distract me enough to keep me from calling 10 times. Maybe he should give me a sleeping pill. 21 months later and I still want to be with my kid almost every waking second. Is that nuts? Nah, it’s love!

Consider what to do about breastfeeding. I called my lactation consultant the other day and we chatted about my gameplan for this 4-day trip (wean? don’t wean?). I’ll confess it here for the first time–I think I’m ready to wean. Gasp, did I really just say that?! Cue the guilt! Mostly ready, anyway. I know I will miss breastfeeding my baby so much. I never expected to feel so strongly about/love breastfeeding or to be so successful with it. And my LC raved about how well I’ve done for so long, especially being a full-time working mom. It was so awesome to receive such high praise from her and it made my entire day. I guess I haven’t really patted myself on the back yet for breastfeeding Jax for 21 months.

Anyway, I’ve been hoping Jax would wean himself but as June nears, I am doubtful of this easy way out. Now I’m considering using my time apart from him AS our weaning period. However, that might be tough on him, combined with my being gone for so long; I wonder if it’s just too much at once. But I do underestimate myself & my kid and I worry too much, so chances are good he would do great with both the lack of mommy & the lack of nummies. Nana will just have to distract the hell out of him.

So here is my potential gameplan as far as the weaning goes: Between now & June, try to decrease both the number of feedings and the length of feedings gradually. I’d love to cut out the 5pm feeding, since it’s so close to dinner and sometimes curbs his appetite. But I’m not going to push myself or Jax too hard on this. A few days before I go away, I am going to start drinking some No More Milk tea and take a box of it with me on my trip. Hopefully this will help reduce my milk supply. My LC also recommended I can take Sudafed if I want to achieve the same result (but it makes me jittery, so probably not). Maybe, just maybe, Jax will decide it’s not worth nursing anymore and wean himself before I even leave! I will also pack my hand pump, not my Medela Pump In Style Advanced, to ease discomfort while I’m away.

Ugh, just writing about weaning saddens me, truth be told. I know that I don’t have to let a 4-day trip mean the end of breastfeeding for us, and if I weren’t going away I am sure we’d continue until at least the recommended age of 2 years. But there is that part of me that is looking forward to putting on pretty bras again and drinking more than 1 glass of wine with dinner. It’s margarita season, afterall! (I joke–I’m not really looking forward to weaning just so I can drink. Really.) I do really need to get my guilt in check, because 21 months (22 if we continue up until my trip in June) is truly awesome and something I should be proud of. But it’s my style to push aside the happy thoughts and be consumed by guilt! Ha!

If weaning doesn’t happen on my time table, I’ll truly be OK with continuing to nurse for a little while longer. I want our ending to breastfeeding to be as peaceful and joyous as the whole experience has been (well, not counting those first few months as we learned what to do).

If you’ve weaned a toddler, please help a mutha out and share some tips!

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  1. Hi Girlie – You know my thoughts on the subject already but I just wanted to chime in again (and I’ll continue to remind you of this as well)…NO GUILT!!! Seriously you’ve have done an amazing job and you rocked the BFing so whenever you decide to stop is great. Your son will be just fine. Even if he’s not right away – he WILL be fine soon enough with everything. It’s all good!!!
    zenaliciousmom recently posted..Somewhat Wordless Wednesday- Nobody told me there’d by days like these

  2. 21 months is fantastic! Most people don’t even make it to 3 months and you are almost to two years! My goal is one year with an open mind past that – I’d love to say I got to two. You are very inspiring!

    I know that Amber on recently weaned her toddler and might have some posts you’ll like. :)

    • I replied to this, and then WP ate it. Grrr. Anyway, the short version is: Thank you ladies for your kind words!

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